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KITAS is a Limited Stay Permit Card in Indonesia For Business, Work, Family, Retirement & Investment Needs.

We can help you get a residence permit or KITAS in Indonesia.
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Working KITAS

For those of you foreigners who want to live in Indonesia for the purposes of working in Indonesia and are required to have sponsors from companies/official institutions in Indonesia.

Retirement KITAS

Foreigners who are over 55 years old and wish to enjoy old age in Indonesia, must first have a tourist visa and be processed
into a residence permit for retired foreigners.

Family KITAS

For those of you who are married to foreigners and want to live in Indonesia, you must have a KITAS and if it has been more than 2 years you can have a KITAP which is valid for 5 years.

Investor KITAS

KITAS untuk investor ( KITAS 313 & 314 ) bagi anda yang memiliki keperluan bisnis dan investasi di Indonesia. Mediamaz Legal bisa membantu anda mengurus KITAS investor.

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A sworn translator is a linguist who has taken the Legal Text Translator Qualification Examination held by the International Language Institute (LBI), UI and passed with a minimum score of 80. After passing the qualification test, the linguist will be confirmed for his inauguration and sworn in by the governor of DKI Jakarta to officially become a sworn translator. After obtaining the official title of sworn translator, the person obtains permission to open a sworn translator service or services with the aim of assisting the public/clients in translating documents needed abroad.

Why should you use the services of a sworn translator to translate documents abroad? By using the services of a sworn translator, the results of document translation can later be legally recognized according to law. By translating in the best sworn language translator, the resulting documents will also be legally recognized under the law of the destination country.

Mediamaz Translation Service provides sworn translator services for those of you who need legal document translations for overseas purposes. Mediamaz is the largest translator office in Indonesia #1, which has been established since 1998 and has helped thousands of clients who need sworn translator services for their needs abroad. We have a team of experienced people who have passed the translator qualification exam, have strong foreign language skills, are officially registered at many foreign embassies, have a DKI Jakarta Governor's Decree (SK), and are members of the Indonesian Translators Association. (HPI).

In addition, the services of a sworn translator from Mediamaz TS can also be trusted because the results of documents that have been translated are guaranteed for their validity, accuracy, speed of service, free unlimited revisions, best quality, timely workmanship, and guarantees for document translation results. Can be used anytime and anywhere, Mediamaz can serve online document translation and can translate various special terms for many scientific fields, such as education, business, to important government affairs.

But even though you can get many advantages, the prices offered by our sworn translators or translators can be used at low prices for professional classes. In addition, our translator services can be used according to the closest location to where you live. Our sworn translator services are available for those of you who live in Jakarta, Bandung, Depok, Tangerang, Surabaya, Malang, Jogja, Bali and other big cities. For our sworn translator services head office in Tangerang, we also provide online translator services so that later the results of document translation can be sent via expedition.

It has been discussed previously that Mediamas TS is a translation company that can serve various needs for translating educational documents, our online international journal translation services are ready to help you if indeed the file you want to translate is a study journal. Founded in 1998 and has been operating since then, Mediamaz TS has become a solution and document translation center because it consists of 20+ foreign languages language services that can be served at low prices. Such as English, Mandarin, Arabic, German, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Spanish, Turkish, Thai, Vietnamese, Italian and others.

Meanwhile, when using a language translator service (translator service) at Mediamaz TS, the types of documents that can be translated and given to our translators can also be pdf online. The following are examples of the types of services you can use, such as online diploma document translation services, book translation services, and journal translators. Get the best offers, discount promos of up to 20% or free shipping throughout Jabodetabek. For orders, you can consult for free with our expert team, prices start from IDR 70 thousand / sheet. We will process your order easily, quickly and safely by our expert and experienced translation team. You can order expert or sameday services if you need fast #1 translation. Visit Mediamaz Translation Service to get the best translation or translator services.


Professional & Experienced
Our team of sworn translators consists of a team of language experts who are experienced in working on various kinds of language-related projects.

The translation results by our team of sworn translators are guaranteed to be 100% accurate and the quality is beyond doubt.

Consultation Anytime
Before booking a schedule, you can consult our team of sworn translators about your needs. Because our team will always be ready to serve you anytime and anywhere.

No Additional Cost
You don't need to bother anymore about costs, because you only need to pay for our services and there are no additional fees.

Legalization is a process or series of verifying officials against government agencies and getting re-verification in the form of signatures or stamps that have legal status as the validity of a document. The purpose of legalizing the document itself is to prove that the document was indeed signed by an official who has the right to legally sign the document. The Mediamaz translation company can help you in facilitating document legalization because it will be difficult if you legalize documents yourself without using company assistance because the process is complicated.

In legalizing documents, usually legal institutions will first check the suitability of the notary's signature so that when the notary performs his practice, the notary is required to send a sample of his signature to Kemenkumham. This has been regulated in accordance with the regulations (article 7 letter c Law No. 30 of 2004) concerning the Office of a Notary. In this case, of course the process of legalizing it is not easy because there are several stages that must be carried out before the document can be valid and legal in the eyes of Indonesian law.

Types of documents that can be legalized include diplomas, power of attorney, notarial deeds, and various types of documents that require legalization. Legalization of documents is not only for domestic affairs but document management can also be done for international agenda needs, therefore the services of translators are also very much needed in legalizing documents. There are various kinds of document translators such as online document translators, file translators, foreign language translators and others.

Language translator services are needed when you want to legalize foreign language documents because it is useful to prevent mistakes in foreign languages that will be translated into Indonesian and vice versa. Translators will first translate foreign language documents before the documents are submitted to officials because officials only focus on legalizing documents.

You don't need to understand the entire flow of the legalization process at the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Embassy because it has been handled by an experienced team.

Fast Process
Experienced and trusted by the ministry, the flow of legalization is guaranteed to be fast and smooth.

Affordable Cost
Even though you only need to pay a small fee, you still get the best legalization services.

Safe & Confidential
Processed by a reliable legalization team, the documents that you legalize will be guaranteed to be safe and confidential.

The interpreter is a translator, but the difference is that the interpreter acts as an oral translator which translates the language directly or orally to the audience. The interpreter acts as a bridge between two or more parties with different mother tongues.

An interpreter is a linguist who acts as a bridge of communication between mother tongue countries and international language countries. The task of an interpreter besides being a bridge for two languages, of course, must also have extensive experience and knowledge, for example in the field of culture. Therefore, interpreters must be professional people because in translating, one cannot interpret the meaning of language arbitrarily. An interpreter is required to be responsible and careful about every language heard so that there are no misunderstandings regarding the information that will be conveyed to related parties.

The main requirement to become an interpreter besides being a word translator, the interpreter must also be equipped with a certificate as legal proof that he is a professional interpreter in his field. The interpreter can be used as a translator solution for those of you who are still mistaken about interpreting the implied meaning in a foreign language. Translators and interpreters have differences, a translator has the task of translating a foreign language in writing, the translator himself in working on the translation must first understand the context he is reading. In this case the translator cannot just translate literally.

In the current pandemic situation, interpreters can also be used as online translators and online language translators using video call applications which make interpretation activities even easier. Usually an interpreter works with a translation company or can work individually, but this will certainly reduce people's trust in the services of a trusted interpreter.

Professional & Experienced
Our interpreter team consists of a team of language experts who are experienced in working on various language-related projects.

The translation results by our interpreter team are guaranteed to be 100% accurate and the quality is beyond doubt.

Consultation Anytime
Before booking a schedule, you can consult with our interpreter team regarding event needs. Because our team will always be ready to serve you anytime and anywhere.

No Additional Cost
You don't need to bother anymore about costs, because you only need to pay for our services and without paying additional fees.

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